Our work begins in the lodgepole forests of Central Colorado,  

where we harvest standing dead timber and mill it for production.  Owing to the current pine beetle epidemic, the wood is often infused with blue and grey hues—adding beauty and character to our raw material.

Trading chainsaw for laptop, we then begin creating the actual models.  Using topographical data, we develop virtual 3d terrain surfaces that can be scaled to any dimension.  We then utilize a 3-axis CNC milling machine to sculpt the models.  Depending on the size, scale and desired precision, models can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a day to carve.

Following production, we lightly sand the wood to remove any sharp edges, but otherwise leave the models in a raw and tactile form in order to emphasize the nuances of relief.  After sanding, each model is treated with a mineral oil and beeswax mixture to protect it and highlight the grain of the wood.

We utilize standing dead timber that is dry and structurally sound.  Your model may feature small cracks, knots, pitch pockets, insect markings, and discoloration that give pine its defining characteristics.




Beautiful detail that replicates real world topography.


In collaboration with  Beaver Works and the Cabin Collection, as well as Bosanko Woodworks of Leadville, we offer a variety of custom frame and display options. 

Whether you are furnishing a rustic cabin or redecorating a contemporary den, we have a frame to suit your taste and décor.